About Us

The one stop portal for all things buy and sell in Derry, Ireland

Our website is the primary buy & sell site within Ireland, specifically Derry, and is visited over 30,000 times per calendar month. Viewers are able to view under specific categories exactly what they wish to buy and sell. Our Twitter profile also features several hundred items for viewers to browse through. The purpose of our site is to bring direct quality items to buyers as there are so many rip-off sites online nowadays, and to offer our sellers a safe and professional place to sell items. 

Derry Exchange™ offer a free service for individuals throughout the UK to buy-and-sell in a safe and monitored environment. All transactions for our items are verified via secure method to ensure no issues arise. Below we have our categories to browse and you can click here for a detailed list for the items you may buy. 

make up

Buy cosmetics, gifts for him and her, jewellery.


Purchase second-hand and brand new vehicles


Clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.


Buy all types of electronic devices, etc.